The Chocolate Meditation

The Chocolate Meditation

Chocolate and treats are everywhere. In the office, at home and at holiday parties. During this season it’s easy to grab them by the handful and scarf them down without a second thought; without truly enjoying it.

There’s so much involved with chocolate. Do you ever stop to think about that? The milk came from a cow who ate grass which involved earth and rain … and that’s all before the manufacturing, packaging, transportation, marketing, etc. I feel a bit more appreciative of chocolate already! Yesterday's gratitude exercise helped.

So anyway ... the other day I came across this chocolate meditation (yes, you read that right) and knew immediately I wanted to give it a go. Because, chocolate.

Doing this short exercise has made me less inclined to grab those treats by mindless handfuls. Instead of devouring them without a second thought, I’ll give them my full attention if I’m choosing to eat them, so that I can actually enjoy them. No more autopilot munching. I'm a big fan of mindful eating. Sometimes I just need a little reminder that I dig it.

Also, with this meditation I got to authentically enjoy a piece of chocolate. Win! 

So grab a piece of chocolate (or any treat will do, it's usually not hard to find one this time of year) and play this short meditation while you eat it. If you're at the office, use your headphones while you nibble. Nobody will know you're meditating but you. It's like secret zen time. Yesssss.

Delicious fancy chocolates from a client. These are sitting on my desk right now. OH EM YUM.

Delicious fancy chocolates from a client. These are sitting on my desk right now. OH EM YUM.

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